Progenie molecular

Biomedical company specialized in molecular diagnostics

Products for in vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Progenie molecular develops and produces reagent kits for in vitro diagnostics (CE-IVD-marked) and research.
Our kits allow accurate and sensitive detection and quantification of multiple pathogens (RealCycler) and genetic mutations (RealType).

In addition we provide the users with computer applications Visor RealCycler and Visor RealType which ease the interpretation of results.

Molecular diagnostics services (tests)

Progenie molecular performs in vitro diagnostics tests in the infectious and genetic diseases areas. These services consist of processing clinical samples in our facilities and the issuance of a clinical report.

We provide diagnostic services to the Spanish public health system as well as the most prestigious private laboratories. We are also partners of several European laboratory networks (Orphanet, EDDNAL, etc.) through which we carry out genetic tests to several Europeans centres.

Paternity tests and genetic identification

Progenie molecular performs genetic identification tests to study the paternity and kinship between individuals, following the recommendations of the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG-GHEP)

You can collect your own samples at your own home and address to us following our instructions, or also it can be performed by a collaborating laboratory in your city. The participation of a collaborating center is indispensable if a paternity test with legal validity is required.