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We are aware that the most important are the people and that business growth is based not only on the efforts of everyone, but also in the growth of our professionals, and in the support their personal needs.

Only by means of developing the human potential of the organization, we will be able to face the challenges presented to us in the future. The continuos formation is the cornerstone of our business strategy.

This implies that Progenie molecular is a company with a low staff turnover, with a pleasant work environment and composed of great professionals and great people.

Please, view open positions in spanish version of our web page.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact by email to:

Attaching the following documentation:

 - Curriculum Vitae (including recent photo)

 - Letter

NOTE: When sending a CV, you agree to the terms and rights indicated in Legal information

NOTE: In case you found an offer job through a portal or a job agency, please send the CVs through the portal or the agency and not directly to this email address.