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We acknowledge the importance of people. Only by developping and selecting the human potential of the organization we can undertake the challenges that the future reserves us. 

The growing of a company feeds of everybody's effort, of the continued training of our professionals and of the support of its personal needs. For this reason, we make the staff's wellness our fundamental pillar of our entrepreneurial approach.  

All of this makes Progenie Molecular a company with scarce staff rotation, with a pleasant working environment and integrated by great professionals and people.

R+D Molecular Biologist


- Health Sciences Degree
- MA or PhD in Health Sciences 
-Previous experience in molecular diagnostics techniques (2 years minimum) 


- Join the I+D department
- Develop new products 
- Update and improve existing products 
- Carry out validation assays, stability assays, etc.
- Develop and update molecular diagnostics tests 

Additional requirements:

- Advanced English profiency