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Paternity test and identification

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The paternity test enables the sun or daughter to know who the biological father or mather is. On the other hand, the parental tests allows to identify other familiar relations such as siblings, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, etc. 

The paternity and parental tests consist in a genetic study of each individual in order to obtain the so-called genetic profile or genetic fingerprint. The comparison of the genetic profiles of each individual allows the identification of the relation between them.

Anonymous Paternity Test

To take an anonymous test (judicially invalid), you can take the sample by yourself in your house.

We will send you an envelope to your address with the instructions and the required material. Follow the instructions and when you'll have the sample ready, you only need to resend it to us by post or courier service.  
The sample will be identified with a numbering. Only you will know whose sample is it.  
The anonymous test cannot be used judicially, however, taking it is not illegal at all.

Judicial Paternity Test

To take a test with legal validity the following conditions must be fullfilled:

1) Sample taking: the taking and custodity of the sample has to be certified by our laboratory staff or by a collaborator laboratory of your city.

2) Documentation: the following documentation must be provided in order to identify the involved individuals and guarantee the sample's custodity.

Required documentation:

1) DNI, NIE o passport (original). It must be provided by all the involved individuals (including minors' tutors and minors if they dispose of any)..

2) Family Book or other original document that proves the parental authority over the involved minors.

3) Original picture  of the minors (in case they don't dispose of any document).

4) The request document . it has to be signed by all the involved adults (including the minors' tutors).            

5) Identification document and the cutodity chain of the samples. Filled in the laboratory.


Different types of samples can be used: saliva, blood, semen, amniotic liquid, cigarette butts, personal items ( toothbrush, glasses), personal hygiene itemes, hairs (with follicle), human rests, etc. Each involved individual's sample is required, in other words, at least the father's and son's. If you wish to take an legal valid test, the sample taking has to be carried out in a collaborator center..

From each sample we obtain the genetic profile and though the comparison of both, the paternity is identified.

Delivery date and confidentiality

The report has to be only delivered to the authorized person. Results won't be comunicated nor by phone nor to non-authorized people. The delivery date of the results is of 48 hours for oral samples. except if some technical circumstances occurr. Other samples (hari, toothbrush, personal items, condoms, etc.) could have a longer wait due to technical reasons. 

Moreover, our report includes an hologram for security scope that make it impossible to duplicate. This measure contributes to confer an elevated confidentiality to the document in the case of a judicial use.

Tests prices

Standard paternity test
(autosomal markers)

220 euro

Paternity or maternity test between 2 individuals


1 father + 1 son/daughter
1 mother + 1 son/daughter 

Maternity test 
(mithocondrial DNA)

290 euro

Maternity test or parental maternal between 2 individuals


1 mother + 1 son/daughter
1 grandmother + 1 niece/nephew
1 maternal aunt + 1 niece/nephew
2 cousins from the mother's family

Paternity test
(chromosome Y markers)

230 euro

Paternity or parental paternity test between 2 individuals


1 father + 1 son
1  grandfather + 1 nephew
1 paternal uncle + 1 nephew
2 cousins from the father's family

Additional costs: 

- In case that the presence of a representant of our laboratory in a judicial act is needed, the costs for the displacement will be charged to the request part.

┬┐What is the genetic profile?

The genetic profile is the fundamental concept in the human indentification. It consists in a serie formed by different pairs numbers that constituts a personal combination exclusive to each individual. Each pair of numbers represents the two alleles that an individual has in the same gene..

Usually it uses 15 polymorphic (variable) genes a part from the amelogenin (sexual marker). In this way different pairs of numbers allow the iunequivocal dentification of a person.

Comparation of the genetic profiles of a woman and a child (two different cases)

Case 1: the comparison of the two genetic profiles shows compatibility in all the genes (signed with red circles). This case shows a real relation between mother and son.

Case 2: the comparison of the two genetic profiles shows compatibility in some genes that has occurred by chance (signed with red circles). However, this sample shows incompatibility in 5 genes (signed with the red cells. This case shows the lack of the relation between mother and son..

Results quality 

We use the genetic identification technology that is usually used by the scientific police in many countries, therefore, the result is technically guaranteed. Our procediments are certified by the ISO 9001:2008. 

Our center carries out tests of genetic identification to study the paternity and the parentality between idividuals by using the recommendations of the International Society of Forensic Genetics (GHEP-ISFG). Likewise every year we realize the paternity excercise of the International Society of Forensic Genetics achieving excellent results.

Stolen children: BDGenetica

Progenie molecular has developped a free database with genetic profiles of people who are looking for a missing relative:

You can register his/her genetic profile obtained from another center to let us include it in our database so we can compare it with the existing profiles.