Quality Policy

The quality policy of PROGENIE MOLECULAR, S. L.U. is geared towards providing customers with products and services in an excellent way in the set terms.

In order to meet this requirement PROGENIE MOLECULAR, S. L. U. applies two Quality Management Systems (SGC) consistent with ISO 9001 e ISO 13485, the particular legislation of the sector “clinical análisis laboratory” and the particular regulation of “manufacturers of sanitary products for in vitro diagnostic”, as well as other norms of general character that regularizes the different aspects of our activity.

The Managing Director of PROGENIE MOLECULAR, S. L.U. has committed to establish a documented SGC, which efficiency continuously improves with the aim of achieving the final goal, that is to increase the satisfaction of customers, collaborators, employees, distributors and shareholders. The manager has the responsibility to secure that the organization has the appropriate rentability to guarantee its continuity and solvency. The management will promote and facilitate the employees training, it will drive motivation and excellence policies at a professional as well as human basis. However, each employee is responsible for the quality of its own job, carry it with the suitable motivation and honesty.

Quality goals are established and reviewed during review meetings by the management. The SGC state is reported to the staff through the corresponding report or meeting. The management undertakes the duty of providing all the needed material and human means to improve the operativity of the organization through the use of the Quality Policy, Quality Goals, audit's results, data analysis, corrective and preventive actions and the review by the management.

The management establishes the required means to ensure that this declaration is spread to every area of the Company, as well as understood, applied, reviewed and updated.

The management oversees the compliance of this Quality policy and ensures customersand other interested parts its implementation.

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