Diagnostic services

Progenie molecular provides molecular diagnostic services through a wide tests catalogue applied as well as to the study of genetically based diseases as to infectious diseases. These services consist of the processing of the clinical samples in our facilities and of the emission of a report with the result. 

Our Molecular Diagnostic Unit provides diagnostic services to health public systems of all the Spanish autonomous communities, as well as to private centers of renown prestige. In addition, we are members of several European networks of genetic laboratories, thorugh which we conduct genetic studies for centers from other countries (Orphanet, HUM-MOLGEN, EDDNAL, etc).

Collection of clinical samples

Our center is responsible for the collection of clinical samples whether in a timely or scheduled basis (daily or weekly). 

The clinical samples are delivered within 24 hours from every national destination (except for the islands). Usually samples are received at 10:00 a.m. of the day following its collection. As soon as we receive the samples, our laboratory confirms their good condition, the requested tests, and other preanalitic data.

Computerised management of the laboratory

The management of in vitro diagnostic tests is controlled by the application Progestor,
developped by our company. All the computers are connected to a central server that contains the data from the processed samples. 

Progestor enables us to register all the preanalitic data, manage the entry and validation of the results, monitor historical results and issue the clinical report.

Quality of results

Progenie molecular disposes of two certified quality systems. Our quality system covers
Clinical diagnostic services in the genetics, virology, serology, molecular microbiology and genetic identification areas.  

The entire technical activity is verified through the use of biological controls provided by independent bodies: NIBSC (National Institute for Biological Standards and Controls), QCMD (Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics) and QNOSTICS.

Delivery terms and results reports

Results' delivery terms are extraordinarily adjusted. In the microbiology area, results are delivered within 5 days, and often in less time. In the genetic area, the NGS sequencing studies are delivered in few weeks. In order to do so, we have developped the software BioVisor NGS that allows the manamegent of complex genetic studies.

The reports are available in a private area of our servers or they can be sent by email. Our system will notify you that you can have access to your reports confidentially. However, if you prefer, we can send it to you with an email protected by a password.