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Real Type

Detection of mutations in the human DNA with real-time PCR

RealType® kits allow the simultaneous detection of mutations and polymorphisms in the human DNA. They are based on Real-Time PCR. They're based on the real time PCR. Just add the sample DNA and put it into the thermocycler. .

RealType kits are the ideal products to use for a rapid and specific genotyping test. They analyse mutations and polymorphisms most frequently related to different pathologies or response to a treatment..

They are recommended as first method of genetic study, given that they allow to directly diagnose a great number of patients in a rapid and economic manner. They are also useful for the screening of asymptomatic population..

  • Ready to use without pre-mixes
  • High capacity for allelic discrimination
  • Compatible with ABI 7500 and Bio-Rad CFX96
  • Compatible with different extraction systems
  • Fast results (2 hours approximately)
  • CE-IVD mark for in vitro diagnostics
  • Supporting software: Biovisor RealType

BioVisor© RT

Software de apoyo a los productos RealType

The BioVisor RealType software facilitates the interpretation of the results obtained with RealType products for the study of point mutations through genotyping tests by real-time PCR.

The BioVisor RealType imports the fluorescence data from the PCR equipment in real time, analyzes them automatically and issues a report with the result.

The application is validated for the CFX96 (Bio-Rad), ABI7500 (Life Technologies) and MIC (Biomolecular Systems) equipments.

  • Users and permissions management
  • Automatic genotype determination
  • Data import from the PCR equipment
  • Interpretation of each sample's results
  • Interpretation of the set according to the result of the controls
  • Issue of results report
  • Compatible with the most used real-time PCR equipment
  • File of work's set

Catálogo Real Type

Gen SERPINA-1: Glu342Lys, Val213Ala y Glu264Val

Ref.: AIAT-10, AIAT-20, AIAT-50

Gen APOE (Ɛ2, Ɛ3 y Ɛ4): Cys112Arg y Arg158Cys

Ref.: APOE-10, APOE-20, APOE-50

Genes Factor V y Factor II: trombofilia (Arg506Gln (FV Leiden) y G20210A (gen de la Protrombina)

Ref.: FVPT-10, FVPT-20, FVPT-50

Gen HFE: Hemocromatosis Cys282Tyr, His63Asp y Ser65Cys

Ref.: HECR-10, HECR-20, HECR-50

Gen MTHFR: A1298C y C677T

Ref.: MTHF-10, MTHF-20, MTHF-50

Gen IL28B: rs12979860 y rs8099917

Ref.: IL28-10, IL28-20, IL28-50