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RealCycler Compatibility

DNA/RNA extraction systems compatibility

Validated equipments

RealCycler Universal-Generic and RealCycler Chic-Out products have been validated for MagCore (RBC Bioscience), QiaCube (Qiagen), Arrow/Liaison IXT (DiaSorin) and Maxwell 16 (Promega). This means that the compatibility with these equipments has been checked through the performance of laboratory assays. 





Arrow/Liaison IXT




Compatible equipments

RealCycler Monotest, RealCycler Universal and RealCycler Chic-Out kits are compatible with almost all DNA/RNA extraction systems available in the market, without making modifications to the original protocols provided by the manufacturer.

This is due to the  CHIC Technology (Competitive Heterologous Internal Control), on which the internal control of amplification system is based. This technology of own development allows the use of any extraction system without loss of sensitivity, and at the same time it monitors a possible sample inhibition with high accuracy.             

Even though the CHIC technology enables the monitoring of the quality of the extraction process, it is necessary to verify that your purification equipment or your manual extraction system allows the obtention of DNA and RNA with the proper quality and quantity. It is recommended to use external quality controls (QCMD, NIBSC, etc) in order to conduct a self-validation of your extraction system. 

Compatibility with Real-time PCR equipments

Validated equipments

RealCycler Universal-Generic, and RealCycler Chic-Out products have been validated for SmartCycler (Cepheid), CFX96 (Bio-Rad), T-COR 8 (Cirrus Dx), ABI 7500 (Life Techonologies), Rotor-Gene Q (Qiagen) and MIC (Biomolecular Systems). This means that the compatibility with these instruments has been verified, laboratory assays have been carried out to establish the proper parameters for the interpretation of results and that these equipments have been inlcuded in the BioVisor RC software. 

Compatible equipments

RealCycler Universal-Generic, and RealCycler Chic-Out products are compatible with the most used Real-time PCR instruments. The following grid shows the fluorophores used for our products and their corresponding wavelengths. You can check the compatibility of your equipment with the used fluorophores.